Where are the highest and lowest fuel prices?

Inventory 2 at Keeping Stock spotted unleaded 91 petrol selling for $2.00.9  a litre at BP in W(h)anganui last week.

BP & Caltex in Wanaka were both selling unleaded 91 for $2.07.9 at the weekend.

Is this the range of fuel prices in the country or are they higher and lower in other places?

5 Responses to Where are the highest and lowest fuel prices?

  1. Colin says:

    1.95 for unleaded at Gull Sandringham.
    Might start buying gas there.


  2. bulaman says:

    Try Haast. Always been the most expensive


  3. gravedodger says:

    Switched my indulgent V8 for a TD5 Diesel last year and am grateful, still well over a hundy to fill up but get a lot more Ks and performance is great except when pulling onto HWay from Idle and Turbo slow to kick the horses.
    Knowing how a high dollar kicks producers and exporters, we the sheeple have had some big benefits from the strong dollar during recent fluctuations and current fuel prices reveal what we largely escaped from Katrina et el.
    Fuel prices at very low turnover, isolated outlets can be very high but better than none. Duvauchelle garage onsell Allied fuel at big prices but I am sure Max pays pretty close to retail for his stocks.

    On another matter who has caught up with the troughmaster generals complaint to the Advertising Standards whatever over DB having the temerity to denigrate that wonderful socialist stalwart, Old Nordy and the infamous “black budget” and fraudulently using film footage from the Waterfront dispute.
    How many of the target market DB are aiming at would have the faintest clue about either. As for me its all a bit of nostalgia with a big dash of “artistic licence”.


  4. Inventory2 says:

    @ Colin; the Gull signs are misleading. Their price is inclusive of the supermarket discount coupon. If you don’t have the coupon, you pay the full price.


  5. Colin says:

    Then I won’t change to Gull. although the words “…misleading and deceptive…” do come to mind.
    Was looking at the sign while waiting for the WOF inspection to be completed before I’d had my first coffee of the day so the thought processes weren’t switched on.


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