Great grandmother hearth brush heroine

You wouldn’t normally expect a hearth brush to beat  a samurai sword in an altercation, especially when the brush was being wielded by an elderly woman with health problems:

 A Christchurch great-grandmother saved a woman from being attacked with a samurai sword by hitting the attacker with a plastic brush.

Lois Kennedy, 81, has been praised for her bravery by police, who said she may have saved the victim’s life. . .

Kennedy – who has severely impaired vision, asthma and walks with a frame – was woken by the sound of a neighbour calling her name.

“It was awful. I was in bed and I heard her calling for help so, as you do, I went out there and all I could manage to see was this mass on the footpath. So I went whacking with my hearth brush,” she said.

That’s what you call a great Great Gran.

One Response to Great grandmother hearth brush heroine

  1. Fredinthegrass says:

    I wonder if at 68 I would have the courage to wade in – I would like to think I would. At 78 plus I am sure i would. I would not reason – I would just be mad and act.
    Wonderful lady.


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