The value of reputation

Quote of the week from Jacqueline Rowarth in the print edition of the NBR:

New Zealand exports don’t necessarily have to increase in quantity to grow in value but growing in value through price means maintaining and improving reputation and that will take national support. It is word of mouth that has greatest impact at purchase time.

The ability of individual New Zealanders to afford the price of imported goods, including food, depends on that word being a good one. Food prices are on the increase – but so is the household income and that is because of exports . . .

It won’t be easy to appreciate the increase in the price of meat, fish, dairy produce and other foods we export when you’re at the supermarket.

But higher prices for locally produced food in the domestic market is because we’re getting more for them in overseas markets. That helps strengthen our economy which enables us to pay for imports and provides not just jobs but better paid ones.

Exporters complain about the high dollar, but consumers should be glad of it. The stronger kiwi dollar reduces the cost of imports including many food items, health products, vehicles and fuel.

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