Creating jobs doesn’t create prosperity

It is perfectly true, of course, that any number of jobs can be created at the stroke of a government’s pen. As the history of communism shows, everyone can be given a job. Unfortunately, prosperity is something else entirely. – Theodore Dalrymple

16 Responses to Creating jobs doesn’t create prosperity

  1. robertguyton says:

    Spoken like a true Tory Ele!
    Jobs! Who needs ’em!


  2. Mark.V. says:

    It is counter intuitive but true. The whole history of economic progress has been one of eliminating jobs. Armies of men with pick and shovel have been replaced by a bulldozer or excavator. Thousands of women telephone operators replaced by automatic telephone exchanges, and so it goes on. Prosperity is produced by increasing productivity per worker not producing more jobs.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Oh dear, Robert – missed the point like a true socialist.

    There’s good jobs which increase productivity as distinct from those which use taxes to pay people to do something that doesn’t need to done.

    Exactly, Mark.


  4. robertguyton says:

    In an economic climate where there is widespread unemployment, you post a frivilous opinon that someone desperate for work would find objectionable.
    I haven’t missed the point of your article at all. It’s not rocket science. It’s a poor choice of topic.
    Why not talk about the real situation here in New Zealand where unemployment is high and people are suffering through the lack of jobs. National’s efforts during their term as Government has been a disgrace where jobs are concerned. Look at youth unemployment. Look at Maori unemployment. A shameful record from Key. Even the projects he claimed would make jobs for New Zealanders were damp squibs. Like a job on the cycleway anyone? Your ‘amusing’ post will be seen as arrogant by anyone who needs work or has friends or family who need work. I guess having had three bankers and an accountant around for dinner has made you lose touch with your usual commonsense Ele.


  5. Lou Taylor says:

    Socialist myth #1.
    Governments create jobs.

    “Creating” requires creativity.
    Not exactly a governments strong point.


  6. robertguyton says:

    There are a miriad of ways a Government could create jobs/facilitate the growth of jobs aside from the obvious you allude to Lou.
    Key and his National Party have done the opposite. There are fewer jobs/greater numbers unemployed now. Nice work.
    The plan to oust beneficiaries and force them to work is the cruelist of all schemes, given that there has been no effort to ensure that there are jobs to go to.
    It seems that Tories don’t care so long as their hunger for seeing ‘bludgers thrown off the benefit’ is sated.


  7. Lou Taylor says:

    Yes Robert, governments can create jobs but only free, profit (and Tax) producing enterprise can sustain them.
    Simply put
    Less government = more jobs.
    While the government controls half the economy many creative people can’t be bothered with the hassle of creating work, the risk is too great.


  8. robertguyton says:

    “Governments can create jobs” – okay then Lou.
    Key’s Government has failed miserably on all counts.
    The ‘Jobs Summit’ was a sham.
    Unemployment is a great deal higher since this National Party took control.
    That’s a major fail.
    I take your point about ‘enterprise’ and it’s role in sustaining jobs.
    “many creative people can’t be bothered with the hassle of creating work”
    Really? How many?
    What are they doing instead?


  9. Lou Taylor says:

    You may not have noticed but the backbone of employment in NZ, the small business, has had a rough time lately and the risks have never been greater for people investing their own capital in these ventures.

    Having a government that clips the ticket at every possible turn just adds to the risk.In my book National and Labour are just different sides of the same coin.

    To answer your question.
    Most of them go overseas and use their talents to create wealth for someone else’s economy.


  10. robertguyton says:

    Thought as much.
    The Government’s responsibility then is to create an environment that fosters jobs for all and does so quickly, not ‘away in the distance’. Apologists for this government will say that National are ‘playing the long game’ – in the meantime New Zealanders suffer. Warped and irresponsible philosophy from the Tories.
    Labour and National, two faces of the same coin? Pretty much. Russel Norman called them Coke and Pepsi. You’d probably concur.


  11. John Dobson says:

    If it wasn’t for luddites like Robert Guyton this country would have ample jobs a much stronger economy and a higher standard of living still within a more than accetible environment to i suspect to at least 90% of the population; there is sustainable mining sustainable dairying etc. TheVOCAL minority is having far to much sway under M.M.P


  12. Lou Taylor says:

    Don’t bring an ecognomic fruitloop like Norman into the argument.
    Our current political setup dosen’t allow anything to happen quickly.
    Big government and MMP are simply yokes around the necks of the truly productive.


  13. Proud Luddite, John. Proud.
    No grasping ‘trash and burn Tory’, me!
    As for your ‘accetible (sic) environment’ the VOCAL minority that said NO to Key, Brownlee and National’s ‘mine the parks’ plans sure were a BIG minority and they wouldn’t swallow your bullsh*t claims! STRONG too and SUCCESSFUL they were in thwarting the trashing and burning you promote.

    Lou – not Pepsi and Coke then?
    I thought he got that spot on. Not blinded by ideology are you?
    You and I have no argument it seems. The Government hasn’t done anything useful for the state of New Zealand’s employment situation, in fact, they’ve made it worse, as you point out.


  14. Lou Taylor says:

    My “ideology” is to stay away from all forms of government with a barge pole.
    Which is why you will discover that all truly sucessful business people (job creators) don’t care about politics. People that need to rely on government for assistance usually get what they deserve.


  15. Sally says:

    Lou that is all very well, we are not all created equal. Not caring about politics, imo, plays into the hands of the powerful. John Whitehead predicted no overnight revolution culminating in totalitarianism, – “Rather, the current trend of government, media and public state-controlled education toward greater control and manipulation of the individual citizen will continue.”

    Governments today have the tools of manipulation that the world has never known before, from mass communication resources to faceless computerised bureaucracies.


  16. gravedodger says:

    Some people will never grasp the fact that a government job that consumes wealth and does not create any wealth is a considerable barrier to growing a bigger cake to share.
    Those people will also perpetrate the myth that “free” services are good when they are not free but are just being paid for by other citizens, nearly always by compulsion for basic political purposes and too often for zero benefit to the benefactor.


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