Nine to Five

Happy birthday Dolly Parton, 64 today.

Of historical interest – the bell which puncutates this song represents the one on typewriters which rang as you approached the end of the line signalling a need to return the carriage so you could begin another line.

What’s a typewriter?  A communication device that people used before computers were invented.

It had a ribbon with ink and if you made a mistake you had to cross it out; paint over it with correction fluid, called twink, and type over it; or put in a new piece of paper and type whatever you were working on again from the start.

Those weren’t the good old days.

3 Responses to Nine to Five

  1. Twink, or ‘liquid paper’ was invented by Mike Nesmith’s mother. He of the Monkees and she of liquid paper fame. Not may people know that.
    Still got some Monkee’s discs still and a tube of snopake… just in case! Don’t work too well on a computer screen, though…
    Still got my Remmington portable typewriter, called ‘Wollis’. He was dyslexic unfortunately, a problem which can be cured using a computer to write with!


  2. homepaddock says:

    Some computers can be dyslexic too. Mine is at times – especially when I forget to proof read.


  3. Hollyfield says:

    I saw an interview with Dolly Parton, where she said that she wrote this song waiting around on set, using the noise her acrylic nails made when she tapped them together.


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