Did you see the one about . . .

Eat up those carrots – Michael Edwards at Molecular Matters (via Sci Blogs) – on the beauty benefits of caretenoids.

Wednesday whimsy Larvatus Prodeo has found the Cake Wreck Blog.

Judges rule on on landmark case of Sod’s Law vs Parkinson’s Law – News Biscuit reports from the court.

Politics is a poor process for resolving issues – Eye to the Long Run show how the market can be bettter than politics.

The crash from an Austrian perspective – Anti Dismal has six good points.

Tall toilet tales – Around the World  across the spectrum from low hygiene loos to high tech ones.

2 Responses to Did you see the one about . . .

  1. Richard says:

    “Tall Toilet Tales” I was a naive, innocent NZer, aged 18, at Mons Officer Cadet School near Aldershot in England, intent on joining the British Army. On day one about 100 of us of mixed nationalities were given a briefing by Company Sergeant Major Colin Keil of the Queens Own Highlanders. Colin- and his crew of Sergeants had already run us around the parade ground before the briefing, so we were quite receptive to his briefing
    Colin announced in his lovely west highland brogue
    ” Gentlemen- there will be noooo kargarooing in the toilets” There were titters. Later that day I discovered from an African cadet that there other types of toilets in the world.


  2. homepaddock says:

    I had to resort to Google for a translation of kagarooing.

    Reminded me of signs in loos in Singapore asking people not to stand on the seats.


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