AA needs directions

The AA’s magazine is called Directions and that’s something the organisation’s pollsters need.

A survey asks which part of New Zealand respondents call home and gives the following options:


Auckland and Wellington could be the cities or provinces but if it specifies Dunedin, why not Christchurch?

Where’s Eastland and what do people who live in the Wairarapa, North, South and Central Otago put?

6 Responses to AA needs directions

  1. pmofnz says:

    HP, the one that really gets up my nose is why Tararua is never listed. Always lumped in as Wairarapa or Hawkes Bay. Maybe even Southern or Central Hawkes Bay. Other times part of Manawatu.

    From just north of Masterton, Tararua extends for 100+km to just south of Takapau, stopping at the Manawatu Gorge/ Ruahines to the west, the sea 80km to the east. But appears very rarely in area lists.

    And don’t get me started on New Zealand(Aotearoa) in country listings.


  2. Pdogge says:

    I believe Eastland is the Gisborne area incorparating that enormous area of flats, quite a bit removed from Hawkes Bay proper. Is Eastwoodhill Arboretum a derivative?


  3. Raymond A Francis says:

    Yes, South Canterbury is no more Canterbury than Southland is Otago
    It seems to me about half the rural mail boxes are in blue and gold as against red and black
    Only a bit biased as I have joint citizenship with both parents being born south of the Waitaki


  4. cctrfred says:

    In December they ran an online quiz asking what were people’s essential camping items (I think). One of the options was a flashlight, instead of a torch. Influence of American movies/cartoons?


  5. Richard says:

    Is it not the point that Directions have lost direction?- they have no map


  6. Fredinthegrass says:

    Like most organisations these days, the magazine has an independent editorial policy – with consequent stuff ups like this one.
    I agree with pmofnz about Tararua – we have the same over this side of the ranges with people who lump us in Manawatu or Wanganui.
    We actually reside in the Rangitikei – one of the bigger counties in NZ.
    So empathise with your dillema (sp?) in the Canterbury and Otago regions.


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