Wasp Story II

Further to yesterday’s post on the wasp plague: my farmer found the nest, or at least its entrance.

He noticed several wasps flying behind a shrub, behind which is a grate under the house.

He applied liberal amounts of carbaryl powder to the grate after dark last night. He then sealed most of it with masking tape which forces the wasps to crawl through the powder as they come and go.

They’re still coming and going and we’re waiting and hoping the poison they carry will take effect before the sting count rises from one.

4 Responses to Wasp Story II

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Fifty years ago there was a wonderful potion called Trimort. You simply went in at night and poured on onto the landing ground at the entrance. Two days later, no wasps left.

    Like all useful things of those days, the greenies and envirowhackers got it banned and now you are left stuffing around with carbaryl.


  2. david winter says:


    Since Trimort was a brand name for a DDT preperation I’m quite happy those ‘greenies’ got it banned and you can no longer go buy a bottle of it to spray around with abandon 😉

    Also glad you located the source of your pestilance


  3. Deborah says:

    Petrol and a match?

    Many years ago, we had a wasp nest in our bank. My younger brother, being curious, poked a stick into it one day, and got about 20 stings, which seemed to be quite light given the provocation. After that, Mum and Dad decided to deal with it, with petrol and a match. All went well, and we had a spectacular blaze, but looking back, it was a very dangerous thing to do. It did work very effectively.


  4. robertguyton says:

    Like Deborah’s wasps Adolf – burned!


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