Commercial exploitation or vagaries of nature?

A few weeks ago spot prices for electricity were very high.

The justification was that the hydro lakes were low.

Now the dams on the Clutha and Waitaki Rivers are spilling water because the lakes are too full and councils are warning of flood danger.

Were the high prices commercial exploitation or is this just the impact the vagaries of nature have when we generate so much hydro power?

4 Responses to Commercial exploitation or vagaries of nature?

  1. David says:

    Exploitation. Same ruse used when the Bradford reforms kicked off and our beloved SOEs manipulated the wholesale price and nailed any competition. Lets hope the authorities dont let this occur again.


  2. robertguyton says:

    The former.
    Gerry Brownlee talks big on this issue and acts like a pansy when it comes to the crunch.


  3. Pdogge says:

    This, history will show is one of the most duplicitous acts of a conservative government enabling a transfer of public wealth to the private sector and then years now of price gouging and no increase in efficencies, in fact it appears the opposite. Could we call such immoral grabs Bradfordian in the future?


  4. gravedodger says:

    As a nation, perhaps instead of tilting at windmills(pun intended) we should seriously address the issue of “STORAGE” as how many cumecs of water escaped to the sea over the recent past.
    Having spent a fruitless 10 days in Sth Canterbury hoping to engage with the mighty Salmon, and returning to Nth Canterbury for New Year I endured:
    The Rangitata in dirty summer fresh for over a week.
    A diversion around the SH1 Rakaia bridge on the 29th, a detour to the Gorge Bridges for northbound traffic ( zero signage to warn of the detour until Rakaia township and a roadblock) from flooding between the overbridge and the northern approach.
    A glimpse of just how high the Waimak had been (the car park at the SH1 bridge boat ramp having debris on the boundary fences)
    And nary a chance to engage with the fish.
    If all the millions invested in windpower and the associated resource consent dramas had been invested in enhanced storage, diversions and more efficient use of the resources of Hydro what would be the situation today.
    The upside, the dreaded Dydimo will not have had a happy Christmas I guess.
    In the meantime that wonderful investment of the nice Dr Cullen in 18th century transport will still be a blessing to future generations while the stupiditity of that nasty Max Bradford’s attempt to bring some economic sense to the state monopoly that is electricity will continue to exercise the intellects of blind relics of history. When confronted with a bleeding wound bandaging 1/2 of it will not correct the haemorrhaging, there are many reasons for complaint of Bradfords attempts but leaving it to the state bureaucracy as the whole answer sure aint the solution.


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