Charlie Gibson 19.8.55 – 23.12.10

One of the people who gave a eulogy at Charlie Gibson’s funeral yesterday noted how appropriate it was that the photo on the order of service showed him with his sleeves rolled up.

That was how she remembered him literally and figuratively ready to get stuck in.

Another of those delivering a tribute to Charlie said four f words were important to him – family, friends, farming and fun.

He always wanted to be a farmer but his father made him do an apprenticeship when he left school. Charlie completed that then returned home to the land he loved.

From the start Charlie was active in the community – holding offices in Young Farmers, serving on the hall, water scheme, home and school and swimming club committees. His wasn’t just token memberhsip. If there was something to be done Charlie was rolling up his sleeves to do it – from helping to build an adventure playground to deputising for Father Christmas at the break up.

Some time after the news that Charlie had terminal cancer had made its way round the grapevine I came upon him taking sheep down the road. We rolled down our windows and he asked me how I was. I said I was fine and did he want me to ask the same of him?

He replied with his trademark grin and said, “I’m great, every day is a blessing.”

We called on him 12 days ago. He was in bed but still grinning, open about his future and at peace with it.

He leaves a wife, daughter, wider family and many friends who will miss him and he leaves a big hole in our neighbourhood.

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