Denis Dutton has died

Philosophy professor, internet entrepreneur and media commentator Denis Dutton died yesterday.

The announcement of his death in Arts and Letters Daily which he founded has resulted in  tributes  from readers.

Blake Eskin wrote in the New Yorker:

Through Arts & Letters Daily, Denis helped prove that the Web could be a platform not only for fast-paced celebrity gossip and pictures of cute animals but for long and serious writing and the exchange of complex ideas. Denis died today, but his site and his vision will endure.

Although best known for ALD, Dutton also founded New Zealand Skeptics – the NZ committee for the scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal.

I knew him only through his voice on the radio and writing in papers and on the internet. In all of those media he came across as  an intelligent, articulate man who was passionate about his beliefs, including public radio.

One Response to Denis Dutton has died

  1. Libertyscott says:

    Sad to die at a comparatively young age, he was one of those who took on the fraud of the paranormal industry and was an advocate for science.

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