South has single scoops licked

TV3 reckons Te Kao store in Northland has the biggest licks of the ice cream variety.

I haven’t come across the five or six scoop whopper stoppers the story mentions but three Otago stores are hard to beat when it comes to the size of their single scoop ince creams.

Jamie Mackay asked listeners to the Farming Show last year for their nominations for biggest ice creams and the Hilltop Store in Hampden (north of Moeraki, south of Oamaru) came first.

Since then I’ve found a couple to rival it: a dairy in Lawrence (on a bend on the left hand side of the road when you’re heading inland) and one in the middle of Roxburgh, also on the left hand side of the road when driving inland).

If you ask for a single scoop you get what passes for double or even triple scoop ice creams from other places.

The north can keep its whopper stoppers, the south has super-size single scoops licked.

5 Responses to South has single scoops licked

  1. Raymond A Francis says:

    The Rob Roy corner dairy in Dunedin has some good ones as does my local in Waimate


  2. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Everybody who is anybody knows the biggerest and bestest ice creams are to be had at Pokeno, just south of the Bombays.

    AND the bestest ever fish and chips reside at the fishermen’s wharf at Mangonui.


  3. Chris Bird says:

    we have found the best icecreams are from the Hira store between Nelson and Rai Valley. Their single scoops are whoppers and at a very reasonable price


  4. robertguyton says:

    The Black Orchid Milk bar, Richmond, Nelson, 40 years ago.


  5. pdm says:

    Woodville is the place for ice creams. A dairy/ice cream parlour on the corner a block before the Wairarap turn off when heading to Palmerston North.

    Adolf a few years ago mrs pdm and I stayed at Coopers Beach and visited the Mangonui F & C shop. Disappointing is being polite and we considered it over priced and over rated. Perhaps we got them on a bad day but………


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