A gift that will keep on delivering

When Jamie Mackay asked on the Farming Show what I wanted for Christmas I said I was getting a goat.

Not in the flesh but as a gift to an aid project on my behalf.

When an email from my daughter arrived yesterday morning I found the gift was something even better than a goat, it was training for a birth attendant in Paupua New Guinea.

This had special relevance because had I been in a third world country the day my daughter was born it is doubtful either of us would have survived and a couple from our neighbourhood have recently returned from their second stint in PNG with Volunteer Service Abraod.

The gift had added poignancy yesterday because one of our whanau required first world health services that most women in PNG couldn’t get.

One Response to A gift that will keep on delivering

  1. Fredinthegrass says:

    What a special ‘gift’, Hp.
    I was blessed with a chicken and chicken feed.
    Others in the family received different ‘gifts’
    It made a special family gathering even more special.

    And today we are ‘blessed’ with a grey sky and a cool breeze!!


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