Robust politics or personal persecution? UPDATE: Pansy resigns

A media advisory gives notice that Botany MP Pansy Wong will be holding a press conference this morning.

Could it possibly have anything to do with the Pansy Facts website launched by Labour?

Labour has said the investigation into the use of travel subsidies by Pansy and her husband Sammy wasn’t thorough enough and that it should be investigated by the Auditor General.

Auditor General Lyn Provost is expected to announce this week whether or not she will do anything.

Had the call for an investigation been ignored or turned down there might be a case for Labour’s continued attacks on the MP.

But when an investigation is still under consideration the efforts they’re going to look more like personal persecution than robust politics.

Hat Tip: NBR

UPDATE: The media release form the conference says:

Pansy Wong, MP for Botany, has today announced her intention to resign from Parliament following 14 years of public service.

 “This was my decision. I have not taken it lightly but I feel now is the right time for me to step down,” Mrs Wong says.

 “Over the past month, I have felt that the allegations directed at me have been a distraction to the Government and have put undue pressure on my family and friends. I strongly refute these allegations and do not want to tie-up the Government’s and my time continuing to do so.

 “I want to ensure the National-led Government can progress its agenda without unnecessary distractions.”

 Mrs Wong said it was a privilege to be the MP for Botany and she thanked her constituents for their support and patience.

 “I believe Botany is the best electorate in the country. They deserve an MP who is able to fully focus on their needs.

 “The past 14 years have passed without me having time to stop and reflect. But the past three weeks have given me the opportunity to do so, and it will forever weigh on my conscience that my continuing political pursuit has placed huge demands and constraints on my husband. I have decided this will no longer be the case.

 “It is also time for me to turn a new page in my life’s journey to focus on personal and family priorities.”

 Mrs Wong’s resignation is effective from 17 January 2011, but she has made the decision not to receive any salary or personal entitlements from 20 December to the effective day.

 “I have timed my resignation to ensure that the by-election will not impact on the holiday break of my Botany constituents, and I have also taken into account the work agenda of the National-led Government,” Mrs Wong says.

 “I am looking forward to spending more time with my husband Sammy, and my extended family, who have been a great support to me during my career in Parliament.”

 Mrs Wong wishes to deliver her valedictory speech this afternoon, subject to the leave of the House.

I am very sorry about this and admire the way she has put her constituents and the government first.

8 Responses to Robust politics or personal persecution? UPDATE: Pansy resigns

  1. Andrei says:

    Pansy Wong has paid the price and has been suitably contrite about her mistakes.

    What I don’t get is Labour going after her in this fashion – we have from their ranks the example of Chris Carter and his sojourns in exotic climes with his boyfriend are a far more egregious crime.


  2. Linda Reid says:

    It is unfair that Pansy has been hounded out of Parliament. I’m still not clear if she did much wrong – and I would have liked the appropriate investigations to have been made.

    Labour need to look to the plank in their own eye.

    PS I wish people would stop mis-using the word ‘refute’.


  3. dave says:

    Pansy Wong has not admitted she did anything wrong – she refutes the allegations – if she hasn’t, why did she resign from parliament?


  4. dave says:

    .. except she didn’t refute any allegations. She doesn’t appear to know what the word refute means. Or the word refudiate.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Linda: We might never know now because it is less likely there will be an investigation now she’s resigned.

    The dictionary says refute means prove falsity or error, rebut or repel by argument but I think usage now accepts it means deny.

    Dave – see her statement above about distractions.


  6. gravedodger says:

    What is it with the socialists and “doing the right thing”.
    They, collectively and individually seem to have absolutely zero understanding of ethics, probity, honesty, responsibility or any other trait allied to maintaining personal standards.(sic).
    It appears on the facts as known at present that Mrs Wong and her Husband have made minor infractions of the rules around parliamentary travel and she has resigned from cabinet and now from the parliament but the frothing mad dogs of the left are still not satisfied, yet they still defend, even laud and praise the sickening excesses of the Clark Government.
    Paintergate, speedgate, piddlegate, Doonegate, Broardgate (starting to sound like a list of farm paddocks) liargate (several instances), tilergate, bighousegate, drinkergate, tenisballgate, electoralfraudgate, Petersgate (or was that Glengate), thuggate, Worsteverspeakergate, Johndavygate, dirtonkeygate, bretherongate, leakedminutestosinkbrashgate, traingate, Parkergate, YangLuigate, Maryannethompsongate, Cartergate, bribegate, Kentuckyfriedgate, geez there were a few eh.
    Then we have the Volaregate, the vectaarenabrowndonationgate, Shaneshotelgate, morecartergate, Maryannestreetspartnergate, Andertongate (numerous), Greenpartyhousinggate and they go after Mrs Wong for what is so far only 400 bloody dollars.
    They are simple arn’t they, there can be no other interpretation, surely they are fit and proper persons to occupy the highst positions of power over us again, not.


  7. homepaddock says:

    GD – it’s only Tuesday but this wins you comment of the week.


  8. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    Flippin Heck GD. You’ve got more gates in there than than the Crafer farms.

    A very clever and appropriate comment.


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