Three police cars and an ambulance

The usual peace of my morning constitutional was disturbed by the sound of a siren.

From my vantage point three quarters of the way up a hill I was able to watch a police car speed into the township, past the turnoff which would have taken it up to our road, and head further inland.

A few minutes later another siren heralded another police car and an ambulance. That was followed by a third police car.

As I was going back down the hill about 20 minutes later I saw the ambulance heading back to town at a sedate speed which suggested either no-one needed urgent help or everybody was beyond it.

The grapevine tells me it was the former – an altercation between a car and a truck had, thankfully, resulted in only minor injuries.

One Response to Three police cars and an ambulance

  1. Fredinthegrass says:

    Even in the boon docks,Hp, even in the boonies.
    At least the outcome sounds as though only the panel beater will benefit.

    Some years ago when children still resided at home the family as a whole had a spate of minor ‘incident’ with vehicles – most inflicted by others.
    On our fourth visit to the panel shop I reminded him that he said these things usually go in ‘threes’.
    That is correct, he said. You have just started another round!

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