Did you see the one about . . .

A Thanksgiving Day lesson in political philosophy – Jeff Keren guest posts at Not PC on individual effort vs collectivism.

TVNZ Whizzing through the years – Brian Edwards looks back with the help of YouTube.

Twelve Days of Christmas – Keeping Stock puts a price on the gifts and includes the Irish version of the song.

Movie Economics – Macdoctor and the difference between giving and not taking.

Political crystal ball – the Veteran and No Minister looks ahead to 2011.

And now for something completely different – Food court flashmob does the Hallelujah Chorus at Inquiring Mind.

Welcome to Commissioner Marshall – Stephen Franks on the Police COmmissioner to be.

Uesless information for you – Lindsay Mitcehll on who’s paid for what.

Dulce et decorum est – Monkey with Typewriter on miners.

And a couple I missed from Tuesday’s Poem:

Orphans by Michele Amas – Mary McCallum on losing parents.

Not A Tuesday Poem – Ballad for Molly – Cadence pays a musical tribute to her Scottish grandmother.

6 Responses to Did you see the one about . . .

  1. Richard says:

    Hallelujah Chorus, Good one, Arther Barnetts food court Dunedin- great occasion, you cannot see me but–


  2. homepaddock says:

    “you cannot see me but-”

    But can we hear you?


  3. Andrei says:

    That Hallelujah chorus in the Mall is pretty darn cool.

    It’s the Niagara Chorus, an amateur choir who must have a genius for a choir master to pull that off.


  4. Richard says:

    Ele – well –eating an Indian take away at the time but now on the beach at home listening to Leonard Cohen that has his version of “Hallelujah” repeated so many times but but not a patch on the classic -or not even like it.
    Adam, thank you for the providing this clip. A wonderful example of of the UK humor and the ability to laugh at themselves- note the cosmopolitan and racial mix of the singers.


  5. Andrei says:

    Not English, Richard, Canadian.


  6. Richard says:

    Thank you Andrei. Stand corrected. Perhaps I hoped it would have been English/UK


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