Money can’t buy me an election

More proof that the amount you spend on electioneering isn’t directly related to the result:

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull spent more than $13,000 in his campaign to win the mayoral chains – nearly $30,000 less than Peter Chin did in his campaign not to lose them.

Documents Mr Cull filed with Dunedin electoral officer Pam Jordan this week show he spent $13,517 on his successful tilt at the city mayoralty.

It would be difficult to win an election without spending some money but this is one of many cases where the winner spent a lot less than the loser.

Money helps but it can’t buy love from voters. It is only one of many ingredients in successful campaigns and spending more doesn’t guarantee a better result.

One Response to Money can’t buy me an election

  1. pdm says:

    Perhaps you should tell Simon Power that so he can remove the $300,000 spending limit for 3rd parties in his new Electoral Act.


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