Thursday’s quiz

1. What is Metrosideros excelsa?

2. Who said: “Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.”? *

3. It’s ordenador in Spanish, ordinateur  in French and  rorohiko in Maori – what is it in English?

4. Who won the 2010 Rutherford Medal?

5. Name three of the five MPs who’ve just completed 20 years in parliament.

* There will be a bonus electronic posy for anyone who answers #2 correctly because I think it’s a tough question.

8 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. James Stephenson says:

    1) Pohutukawa…which I know because I’m trying to chop one down…
    3) Computer


  2. Raymond A Francis says:

    1 Pohutukawa
    2 Anton Chekhov
    3 Computer who knew Maori had a word for this, our French trip gave me this one
    4 Tate
    5 Phill Goff,Lockward Smith, some of the other labour dead wood


  3. Andrei says:

    (1) pohutukawa
    (2) Anton Chekhov
    (3) Computer


  4. Rob Hosking says:

    1. Someone who lives by the Paris railway and sings opera.
    2. Eeyore
    3. computer
    4. Nope, I got nothin.
    5. Pete Hodgson, Ross Robertson, Lianne Dalziel, Bill English, Nick Smith


  5. david winter says:

    This is a bit more like it!

    1) Pōhutukawa, a taonga in New Zealand and an invasive pest in San Francisco and Sth Africa
    2) Pass
    3) It’s a computer
    4) My partner’s PhD supervisor (Warren Tate if you need the name)
    5) Phil Goff? Anette King? (They’ve both been around for ages, but I think they also sat one term out so I’m not sure)


  6. ZenTiger says:

    Name three of the five MPs who’ve just completed 20 years in parliament.

    They do 20 years, and we get punished. How does that work?

    Je sais numero trois. Il est un ordinateur.

    And I didn’t realise that Chekhov spoke English.

    Mind you, in this quiz, I wasn’t even sure today was Thursday so I’ll keep quiet.


  7. Paul Tremewan says:

    1 pohutukawa
    2 new mayor Lenny Brown, [Is chewing gum and walking considered multi-tasking? a rhetorical question having nothing to do with the new mayor…]
    3 computer
    4 Prof Tate? the biochemistry chap?
    5 Williamson, McCully, Lockwood Smith, Mallard Anderton… he’s been there for far too long he should stand for mayor somewhere… Ryall? all guesses


  8. pdm says:

    Just made it this time but as I am still trained to the minute for Moday’s I don’t have much to offer:

    1. Pass
    2. Graham Henry after going out in the quarter finals at the World Cup and having to return to live in NZ.
    3. Pass
    4. Pass
    5. Lockwood-Smith, Williamson, Goff,


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