A Whale of a fight

What is it about writing that makes people think they can use yours without paying for it?

I once made the mistake of responding to a request to write a story for a magazine without negotiating terms first.

It was published word for word but when I inquired about payment I was told the editor didn’t pay because it was publicity for the interview subject.

This magazine had a tag on its cover about celebrating women in business so I asked the editor why she’d boast about that but refuse to pay a woman in writing.

I also pointed out that magazines which sold for a similar or lesser price paid between 40 cents and 80 cents a word for similar stories.

She eventually agreed to pay half what I’d requested and I learned a lesson about negotiating terms before supplying copy.

Whaleoil has come up against Richard Henry, of whom I’ve never heard, who is taking liberties with Whale’s writing with a similar reluctance to pay for it.

The NZ Bloggers’ Union, membership of which is compulsory, is showing solidarity with Whale:

Cactus Kate has a media release from the Union,  Kiwiblog  has a similar gripe and Quote Unquote also joined the fray.

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