If an MP doesn’t understand MMP . . .

. . . how many voters do?

Jim Anderton reckons if Labour can just win a few marginal seats it will win the next election.

All it will take is for them to pick up nine marginal seats from National.

Just a wee flaw in that plan – it’s the party vote which determines who gets the most seats overall, electorate seats are irrelevant unless, as the Maori Party does, you get more seats than the list vote entitles you too and then get an overhang.

This is wonderful ammunition for people wanting to campaign against MMP because if an long serving MP hasn’t got his head round how it works there must be a lot of other people who don’t understand how it works either.

On another tack, don’t sub-editors save columnists from making fools of themselves anymore or did the sub not understand MMP either?


Offsetting Behaviour says Anderton  missed the point and Kiwiblog gives him an F for MMP 101 .

3 Responses to If an MP doesn’t understand MMP . . .

  1. gravedodger says:

    Boy oh boy did we, the residents of the village of the dammed, get lucky with a 7.1 earthquake or what.
    He demonstrates just how unfit for any public office the Troughmaster General has become in the eyes of the public and then there are those of us in private who have considered that as a fact for many years. And then there is the little matter of his qualifying for the same “leaders salary” when he leads the party of one, pity he hasn’t another to challenge him for that “top job”. (removes tongue from cheek).
    Two questions
    1 why dosn’t the old goat realise just how irrelevant he has become.
    2 Why would a supposedly mainstream media outlet risk its credibility by giving the selfsame old goat an op-ed opportunity and treat him as a go to man for comment on anything other than how mental degradation affects an aging politician.


  2. robertguyton says:

    Here you are Dodge – Anderton’s not finished yet. In fact…



  3. JC says:

    Jimbo picked exactly the right issue to grandstand.. where he can have no impact at all. Thats why we have a Commission of Inquiry.. to bypass the ambulance chasers.



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