Second explosion dashes hope

A second explosion in the Pike River mine has dashed hopes that any of the trapped men might still be alive.

The waiting is over but this is the worst possible outcome.

Rob left a comment on my first post this morning saying  it was a time to hope.

Now is a time to grieve and I hope the media give the people who have lost husbands, sons, fathers and friends, the space they will need to do that.

2 Responses to Second explosion dashes hope

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    I’m afraid it was obvious any hope that ‘any of the trapped men might be alive’ clearly was gone some days ago.

    The force of the original explosion appears to have been catastrophic with temperatures of over 1,000 degrees C and a shock wave equivalent to some thousands of kilos of TNT. Almost thermonuclear.

    It is regrettable that authorities took so long to recognize the obvious and, in so doing, prolong the agony for families and friends.

    What beats me is how the hell a new mine, employing up to date technology, could have sustained such a cataclysmic disaster.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Adolf, logic agrees with you about accepting it was hopeless days ago, but emotion still clung to hope.


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