A time to hold back

The imperative to get the news and get it first sometimes has to be put on hold.

The interviewer on TV3 did his best to get some of the names of the miners trapped in the Pike River mine from those he was interviewing this morning. All have held firm because their families want privacy.

That should be respected.

There aren’t many degrees of separation in New Zealand so many will know people, or know people who know people, who may be among those trapped.

But our understandable interest in the names must come second to the needs and wishes of the families and rescuers.

The media have a right to keep us up to date with what’s happening but they should respect the decision not to identify the miners and families.

West Coast MP Chris Auchinvole told the interviewer that he and  the Ministers, Gerry Brownlee and Kate Wilkinson who had come to the Coast, were there to help but keeping out of the way until needed.

They recognise there is a time to hold back and the media should too.

One Response to A time to hold back

  1. gravedodger says:

    Because someone in the Media is a quidnunc, they naturally think those who read, listen or watch them want to know every thing possible. It was totally cringe inducing to have the idiot Tame invading the privacy of those at the address that Tamihere D. was possibly at following his release from prison recently. The truth was I was only mildly interested in the fact he was being released, slightly more interested that he had declined to assist with the possible whereabouts of Ms Parkkonnen’s remains and totally disinterested in where he was currently or anything else about that case and the events as they unfolded.
    As to the unfolding tragedy at Pike River Mine, those waiting in hope of news about their kinfolk deserve only our thoughts, prayers and our respect for their privacy as they come to terms with what has happened and any invasion of their personal space is reprehensible. Should they choose for whatever reason to seek to share their responses, feelings or any matters relating to what is happening then the vultures of the Media should just wait at a respectful distance but that just aint what will happen.


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