Why only in an emergency?

The government has streamlined the licensing process for builders in Christchurch to help with the rebuilding properties damaged in the earthquakes.

Minister of Building and Construction Maurice Williamson says the Canterbury earthquake has highlighted the need for reliable and skilled builders.

Mr Williamson says builders who have a licence will be able to fast-track a long consenting process and make the rebuilding faster so people can get back in their homes sooner.

He says the licence process for builders has been streamlined.

I have no complaints about this but  do have a question – why can’t the process be streamlined and the consent process be fast-tracked everywhere all the time?

The time and money wasted by delay when applications get caught by red tape is one of the reasons our productivity isn’t as good as it could and should be..

2 Responses to Why only in an emergency?

  1. pdm says:

    Hear Hear – it was a pain in the proverbial when we did extensions a couple of years ago. I thought councils were there to help not hinder.


  2. JC says:

    Some regional councils are doing this with their logging consents. They have identified responsible logging organisations who do not need consent.. just notification to the authority.

    The authority then reserves the right to do random checks to ensure everything is OK.



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