Hillary Clinton not standing for president?

Did I hear Guyon Espiner on Q&A say that Hillary Clinton had told him that she wouldn’t stand for president?

But interestingly, she ruled herself out of the presidency.  There was a bit of interest overseas about that comment, because there was some thought that because Obama had been hammered at the midterms that did this open the door for Clinton to actually come in and fulfil John Key’s prophesy that she would be President Clinton one day?  But she said, ‘No, no, no.  Not me.’

Is that a real, absolutely, definite I won’t stand or an it’s better politically at the moment to say I won’t stand ?

One Response to Hillary Clinton not standing for president?

  1. Neil says:

    Clinton is in a difficult position. Unless Obama continues on the Jimmy Carter failure route, I don’t see Clinton launching a challenge.If Obama doesn’t get renominated look for more trouble for Clinton.The left do not like the moderates like Clinton in the Democratic party.
    2016 sees Clinton being close to 70, not an age for running for president.
    Clinton would have been a far better president than BH.Obama who is out of his depth and misreading the US electorate.
    Go the Republicans in 2012.


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