39 – 18 to North Otago

The sun shone in North Otago yesterday and so did the rugby team – winning the Meads Cup by beating W(h)anganui 39 -18.

3 Responses to 39 – 18 to North Otago

  1. gravedodger says:

    I managed to catch the last quarter and at about 69 minutes Wanganui (I cant afford the aitch) were still a chance then the dam burst.
    It was grand to see amateurs giving their guts amid the parochial public. Not much corporate activity or the dreaded Mexican wave from the bored who would rather be somewhere else.
    Good also to see the Lachore Cup go to Sir Brian’s old province.
    I noted one of the N.Otago players was at uni at Lincoln and drove to the big O for Thursday night trainings, reminded me of a Canterbury rep, Stu Cron who traveled from his One Teacher school at Charwell Forks on the inland Kaikoura road (google map it for a reference, then actually drive it for the full impact of what he did for the cause and don’t forget to degrade some of the road to what was there in the 60s/70s) to CHCH for his provincial trainings and games. In those days commitment actually meant committing yourself and not just be a buzz word.


  2. Fredinthegrass says:

    Well done North Otago from a Wanganui supporter.
    Dont like the result, but also dont mind being beaten by a better team – on the day!!


  3. Inventory2 says:

    We will be back in 2011, no doubt about it. But on the day, the better team won. Hearty congratulations North Otago.


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