Parker mistaken about Labour’s mistakes

David Parker has admitted he got something wrong:

Parker now says he approved too many land sales when he was Land Information Minister in the Labour government and that Labour “didn’t get it right on farm sales”.

That statement would have a lot more validity if he gave examples of which sales were a mistake and why. What are the new owners doing to their properties and its produce that makes him think the land would be better in New Zealand ownership?

He was concerned about the growing asset inequality in NZ. “Assets ought to be priced within reach of ordinary NZers.”

“Before the global financial crisis most successful bidders for Kiwi land were NZers, Parker said. Since the crisis there had been a significant change and the only way to sustain high prices was to sell on the international market, effectively shutting out the average NZer.

What he omits to say is that one of the successful bidders for a large amount of New Zealand farm land between 1999 and 2008 was the government which paid well above market rates for high country properties. Most notable was St James Station, which the Labour government bought for $40 million, plundering the Nature Heritage Fund in the process.

This is the mistake he ought to be admitting. While he’s doing a mea culpa he could admit the tax and spend policies his government practised were also wrong. They contributed to the blowout in bureaucracy and the housing bubble which contributed to asset inequality by putting urban property prices out of the reach of many.

With no evidence to support his statement on lands sales, he’s mistaken in thinking he made a mistake by approving too many. He’s  mistaken again in not admitting Labour’s mistake in paying far too much for high country farms and poor policies which put the productive sector into recession long before the global financial crisis.

3 Responses to Parker mistaken about Labour’s mistakes

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    And he also fails to admit that the main reason NZers are not buying so many farms just now is the fact that banks are no longer lending as generously (foolishly) as they were back then. He seems also to have not noticed that movement in our exchange rate has made the purchase of NZ property by furriners substantially less attractive than it was when he and his gangster friends were in power.

    Just more of Labour’s lies. Never mind, nobody is listening as the nation has become enthralled over the treacherous antics of Labour’s militant wing the CTU, Phil Goth’s notable absence from the field and John Key’s remarkable talent as a negotiator of real benefits for real people.

    I wonder how many people in Mana owe their livelihoods to his actions yesterday?

    Fascinating stuff.

  2. pdm says:

    It seems as though Parker has picked up Goff’s `hyprixy hat’ and is wearing it for a while.

  3. gravedodger says:

    I hope in vain that the gutless fellow travelers who inhabit the MSM will abandon their socialist cloaks and call this poll driven “Flip Flop” for what it is, a cynical attempt to garner a little bit of credibility as the liarbour party flounders ever deeper in the male bovine manure.
    Parker whos he, oh yes that nice man on the front line of the irrelevance that is the Labour Party who had a bit of legal trouble with a former partner.

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