Save The Cities

A group of concerned farmers has set up a lobby group called Save The Cities.

“If city folk want to Save The Farms, it’s the least we can do to reciprocate and Save The Cities,” group spokesperson Fairly Emotional said.

“Overseas buyers are lining up from all countries to purchase our houses, apartments, office blocks, factories and other residential and business property.

“We believe the Government must take urgent steps to address overseas ownership of our homes and work places. The first step to place a moratorium on the sale of any sensitive residential or business property  to overseas ownership until there has been informed public debate and suitable protections incorporated into a review of the Overseas Investment Act 2005. New Zealand must retain ownership of our the homes, offices and workplaces of Aotearoa New Zealand.

“Overseas investment can bring positive economic benefits to New Zealand and there are a number of examples, equally there are examples where those benefits quickly move off-shore. Much of our prime residential and business property is now in overseas ownership. Can we afford to sit back and let this happen to our large cities and the communities they support?

“The culture of New Zealand is one of partnership with the land and the waters of Aotearoa. As partners we ask for the chance to be heard and the opportunity to best protect our properties for future generations.”

Ms Emotional said she hadn’t been in a city for some time but used to stay with urban relatives when she was a child.

“I have very fond memories of playing in quarter acre sections with my cousins but they tell me with in-fill housing and apartment developments there aren’t many of them left.

“Quarter acre sections are Kiwi icons like pavlova and jandals. We can’t have foreigners buying them and turning city folk into tenants in their own homes, even though many of them already are.”

Ms Emotional said she was aware that banning foreign buyers could precipitate a collapse in property prices.

“But that could be a good thing. It’s too difficult for young people to get a foot on the property ladder these days. If we limit the market the rungs will get lower and make it easier for people to become home owners.”

She said a fall in urban property prices would also help retiring farmers who’d had the price of their farms depressed by moves against foreign ownership but denied that was what was motivating the Save The Cities campaign.

“As New Zealanders we are proud of our place in the world. We have always batted above our weight on the international stage, be it on the sporting fields or in our role as an international citizen and the responsibilities that brings with it.

“We have a beautiful country and wonderful traditions which must never taken for granted. There will always be pressures economically, socially and culturally to make accommodations and that is the reality of a modern country. One of those traditions is property owning and the way that continues to support not only our country but the local communities which rely on the homes and businesses. We cannot let that be lost without questioning, why?”

9 Responses to Save The Cities

  1. gravedodger says:

    For everything else there is Mastercard, “Priceless”


  2. robertguyton says:

    Simple solution – have Bill English calm the situation by declaring that he will make it more difficult for foreigners to by urban land and that he’s given the power of veto to the Minister Responsible, then, let the sales continue!
    No-one will notice or care!


  3. Pdogge says:

    HP, my family has a share in some well located property between Bunny St & Bowen St. We are happy to let it go. Would appreciate it if you could pass it on…


  4. homepaddock says:

    GD – your credit card must have a better limit than mine if it can cope with the priceless 🙂

    Robert – the trouble with giving power to a minister is that ministers change.

    Pdogge – do you have a price in mind?


  5. robertguyton says:

    “the trouble with giving power to a minister is that ministers change.”

    When Parker takes over from Brownlee, he’s going to have a great ol’ time with the ‘Do anything you want’ bill that Potentate Ger weilds right now.


  6. homepaddock says:

    Robert – I have a more optimistic view than you do on both the shortness of the time before the bill is repealed and the length of time National will be in government.


  7. robertguyton says:

    Me too.

    Kennedy Graham has whipped Gerry’s *rse into coming clean on just how innapropriate the ‘Earthquake’ bill was. Do you think it was all hunky-dory Ele? I’m guessing that, in line with your usual deferrence to Bill, ‘John’, Gerry and the rest of the shonky crew, that you do!


  8. homepaddock says:

    I support the intent but am aware that it has given wider powers than may be needed or prudent which provides potential for abuse.

    I don’t have any concerns that the powers will be abused. The Opposition and media are paying very close attention and would take great delight in highlighting any problems.

    But as I said earlier the trouble with giving power to ministers is that ministers change.


  9. gravedodger says:

    The green party and their socialist masters with the connivance of the corrupt dwarf rammed the electoral finance act through the parliament with indecent haste in spite of widespread condemnation of a serious segment of the public being totally opposed to the intent of that odious attack on our democracy and freedom of political expression, as they did with the bill to legalise the clearly illegal rorting of the previous act and I presume RG was as exercised about that, not!
    As a supporter of a party that dreams of many more ways to emasculate freedoms, that I hold dear, as a default position, I find RG’s carping on about a piece of emergency, albiet temporary and demonstrably appropriate legislation to allow ChCh to get back to normal as soon as possible to be, well, pathetic.
    As our host points out any abuse will receive the condemnation it deserves very quickly indeed.
    BTW Robert how the hell is Parker (I presume you are referring to Mayor Bob and not the shadowy figure who got ousted by Jacqui Dean) going to use the emergency powers you refer to or is this another shovel of manure being flung in the hope that some will stick.


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