Stalkers and paraprosdokians

The risk of being stalked was the starting point for my chat with Jim Mora on Critical Mass this afternoon.

It was prompted by three posts by Brendan Moyle at Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings, starting with avoiding stalkers online.

We moved from there to paraprosdokians at Eye To The Long Run.

Next stop was White Sun of the Desert where we found phrases commonly heard but not to be believed in little white lies.

Hat Tip for that goes to Quote Unquote which is where we finished with a guest post from Graeme Lay on New Zealand English.

3 Responses to Stalkers and paraprosdokians

  1. JC says:

    Its amusing to read Graeme Lay praising David Lange’s spoken English.. but I can tell a little story about that..

    Back around 1987 Lange came to town to open a building. My boss, a precisely spoken type himself, was dispatched by Head Office to report on Lange’s later Q&A session with the media.

    Later he sadly reported to HO that whilst Lange spoke a lot, he couldn’t make head or tail of what he said. HO faxed back to say not to worry, nobody in their office could understand him either! The man spoke well, but he said nothing.

    I noticed the same thing with Barack Obama. When he looked a cert for the Democratic nomination I tuned in and watched him speak live.. very impressive but didn’t seem very substantial, then I read the transcript and found it not much more than high flown gibberish.



  2. homepaddock says:

    JC – I think that’s obfuspeak – clear delivery with confused or no content.


  3. JC says:

    Yes! 🙂

    On topic, I think we have to look at the elocution classes of my yoof. It should be inherent policy that our kids learn to speak acceptable English at school.

    Already the Kohanga Reo kids of some parents who migrate to Aussie are put in special classes with Asian migrants to learn the language.. the Aussies and probably the parents have already decided that the key to the future in an English speaking country is to actually learn the language and speak it fluently.



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