Don’t muck it up, Len

Down here in the rural South Island we might joke that supercity and greater Auckland are oxymorons, but we do understand its importance.

If a city with more than a quarter of the country’s population doesn’t run well it’s hard for the rest of the country to compensate for it.

It’s too late to argue whether or not uniting the disparate entities that are now Auckland was a good idea.

The mayor and councillors all reckoned they could do a good job when thery were campaigning, it’s now up to them to do it.

Don’t muck it up Len. There’s a lot riding on you and your team.

 It’s not just the people of Auckland who need your city to succeed, the rest of the country does too.

One Response to Don’t muck it up, Len

  1. Linda Reid says:

    I really want to leave town now. Any room for ex-pat Aucklanders down there?


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