Was Henry’s an expensive jump?

October 10, 2010

1. Did Paul Henry jump or was he pushed?

2. How much did it cost TVNZ?

3. Did Unite understand the irony of lobbying for an employees dismissal without going through due process?

4.Do the MPs who called for Henry’s dismissal understand employment law?

5.Who will replace Henry?

6. What will it do for ratings?

Henry’s staement is here, Rick Ellis’s statement is here.

Word of the day

October 10, 2010

Resipiscence – acknowledgement of a mistake; recognition of error, change to better frame of mind; widsom derived from experience.

Did you see the one about . . .

October 10, 2010

Brilliance from my very good friend Tim – Eye to the Long Run on paraprosdokians.

The importance of low inflation and tax cuts – Kiwiblog shows why wage rises aren’t enough by themselves.

You know you’re living in 2010 when. . .  Laughy Kate on 21st century life.

Stuck – Today Is My Birthday on the dangers of forgetting your key.

Not all social media is bad – Quote Unquote finds humour on Twitter.

Random Wodehouse quotes (Hat Tip: Beattie’s Book Blog).

Two Photographs

October 10, 2010

Two versions pf  Two Photographs  by Geoffrey Lehmann were chosen for this Tuesday’s poem.

The first is a 1970s one, the second a 2010 one.

Among the links in the side bar is one to Helen Heath’s post on shedding belongings and responses to it.


October 10, 2010

I was in the archway theatre at Otago University at some stage on 7.7.77 because I can remember doodling the date.

I have no idea where I was on 6.6.66 but if it was a week day I’d have been at primary school. 

I was probably at home being domestic with a three year old on 8.8.88. What I was doing and where I was doing it on 9.9.99 escapes me.

The only thing of great moment I have planned for 10.10.10 is continuing to read Joy Cowley’s memoir, Navigation. I’m only a few pages into it and am already entranced.

Fine country fare at Centrewood fete

October 10, 2010

It was almost raining when we parked at Centrewood Estate for its inaugural spring fete yesterday morning. But once we were inside the shelter of the mature trees which surround the historic homestead we forgot about the weather.

The 140 stalls lining the manicured lawns presented a dazzling display of clothes, rugs, home ware, plants, garden accessories, jewellery, food, books, toys, gifts, art and sculpture.

The range of goods for sale was wide and the quality high.

We spent more than four hours happily wandering from stall to stall, catching up with friends, sampling the fine food and wine and generally enjoying ourselves.

Don’t muck it up, Len

October 10, 2010

Down here in the rural South Island we might joke that supercity and greater Auckland are oxymorons, but we do understand its importance.

If a city with more than a quarter of the country’s population doesn’t run well it’s hard for the rest of the country to compensate for it.

It’s too late to argue whether or not uniting the disparate entities that are now Auckland was a good idea.

The mayor and councillors all reckoned they could do a good job when thery were campaigning, it’s now up to them to do it.

Don’t muck it up Len. There’s a lot riding on you and your team.

 It’s not just the people of Auckland who need your city to succeed, the rest of the country does too.

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