Ticked, numbered, posted

The local body voting papers have been sitting on my desk since they arrived a couple of weeks ago.

The Regional and District Council choices provided little difficulty for me but I laboured over the health board options.

It’s impossible to know enough about 12 people from throughout the whole of Otago to rank them intelligently.

There were a couple I wanted to put in the last two spots but that would have meant putting people about whom I knew little or nothing in spots 6 – 10.

In the end I ranked the five I supported and left seven blank.

It’s all pretty academic anyway. The voting power is in Dunedin so candidates from the regions don’t have much chance. But that doesn’t mean much anyway when the people elected aren’t answerable to the voters but the government.

The government should accept that it’s not worth wasting money on health board elections which are really only pretending to give people a voice.

With that in mind I ticked, numbered and posted my ballot paper but, even given my respect for democracy and the right to vote, I didn’t do it with any great enthusiasm.

2 Responses to Ticked, numbered, posted

  1. gravedodger says:

    If elcted members of Health Boards are a link with the electorate then the present system is totally inadequate and in my opinion a waste of money as there is absolutely no link with a single member of the CDHB for me personally and apart from the “Blurb” that came with the voting papers the only encouragement for any candidate was an appeal by a senior person in my little corner of health care to consider supporting a serving member of our organisation.
    It appears to me that the HBs are just a bureaucratic filter that provides a barrier for any ministerial responsibility for the unpleasant reactions to the rastioning of health services that costs impose and if an axe was taken to a major segment of the planning, meetings and reports that never see the light of day we would have a significant sum of additional money for front line health solutions.
    As for the electoral system if it is deemed necessary then a ward system to give a real conection between voters and candidates that is not apparent now.
    My selection involved rejecting anyone with facial hair, long serving members and the obvious over selling rubbish in the blurb which left me with about four to rank and that was basicly a pin in the dark . Democracy it aint!


  2. Sally says:

    Golly Gravedodger, I could only tick one one box.

    Local Government is not much better than the hospital board system. In many councils weak councillors are having the wool pulled over their eyes by unscrupluous CEOs.


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