This is why name suppression law must change

On the day Justice Minister Simon Power announced name suppression laws are to be changed  so it is harder to get we got  a very good example of why they need to be.

Two people have been charged with fraud after police investigated voting irregularities.

They applied for name suppression, which was declined. They then applied to the High Court which granted suppression for 48 hours.

However, before that happened the names were published on blogs and Twitter.

Those posts have now been hidden or deleted but many will have already read them.

 I came across the names on an RSS feed before I knew they’d been suppressed. It doesn’t make any difference to me but it could to people elsewhere. Their right to know appears to trump the accused people’s right to suppression but the names are suppressed, at least until Thursday.

I doubt if the people charged would get suppression under the proposed law change. This case is a very good example of why the change is needed.

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