Stat time again

Open Parachute has published his monthly blog rankings.

They rely on public access to Sitemeter stats which is why some popular blogs don’t feature.

Sitemeter always seems to be less generous with its counting than Stat Counter.

In September Sitemeter recorded 16,528 unique visitors for this blog and 22,818 total visits. While Stat Counter recorded 17,472 unique visitors and 24,206 total visits.

To put that in perspective the top three blogs on Open Parachute’s chart got 227207 visits (Kiwiblog); 147877 visits (New Zeal) and  134 942 visits (Throng New Zealand).

31 Responses to Stat time again

  1. Fredinthegrass says:

    That’s a lot of mischief DPF has been fomenting!

  2. robertguyton says:

    ‘fomenting mischief’ is classic spin in itself.
    That’s not what Farrar does at all. His shilling, misdirection, misleading and misinforming is not ‘mischevious’ – it’s calculated political interference on behalf of a political party.

  3. Fredinthegrass says:

    Ah, Rg.
    I felt it couldn’t last.
    Here we are diametrically opposed.

    I am unaware how well you know DPF, but I feel he would be amused by your -“it’s calculated political interference on behalf of a political party”.
    As to the previous sentence you are totally wrong.
    But then that is precisely what the said Mr. Farrar has extracted from you, and in the process had some fun ‘fomenting’!!
    I read his blog fairly thoroughly and, apart from from a few nutters at either end of the political spectrum, find the debates provide a healthy range of views.
    Thankfully we are all different – what a boring place it would be otherwise.

  4. robertguyton says:

    Fredinthegrass – I have, like you, closely followed Farrar’s manouverings on Kiwiblog for years. In fact, I earned myself, under another ‘name’, something of a reputation and have been banned for life (twice!).
    Farrar’s commenters do ‘provide a range of views’ it’s true, though that range is too restrictive for my liking, but I maintain that Farrar himself ‘shills, misdirects etc.’
    What makes you think differently (if I may ask). Your response only said that you didn’t agree with me, not why.

  5. Fredinthegrass says:

    Somehow the banning does not surprise me, but appreciate you sharing that.
    I have discussed with DPF the ability to use other ‘names’ while blogging.
    His answer was quite illuminating – enough said.

    Although not quite at the allotted 3 score and 10, I have been around for a bit.
    I have belief in DPF’s integrity in his opinions. That does not mean I agree with all he believes in, and certainly do not expect others to either.
    It merely allows me to accept his view at face value, and I have no need to seek ‘hidden’ agendas.
    Therefore I do not accept he ‘shills, misdirects, etc’.
    Are you prepared to back your position with case evidence?

    And perhaps we both should thank Hp for allowing us to use her blog for this discussion.

  6. robertguyton says:

    Fred – you accept Farrar’s views at face value?
    I’m genuinely astonished!
    Time and time again I see him taken to task on his own blog for distorted posting. I’ll find an example for you later and, with Ele’s kind permission, reproduce it here. Ele herself, it seems to me, is willing also to adopt Farrar’s pov as a valid one, without checking it against other perceptive commenters.
    I don’t like to ask, but feel compeled – why are you ‘not surprised’ that I have been banned at Kiwiblog?
    I’m never offensive, imho, nor do I lie. Is teasing a banning offence, do you think?

  7. robertguyton says:

    Here we are Fred – a recent post by Farrar on a statement by the chairman of South Port promoting the doubling of dairy cow numbers in Southland.
    I’ve commented in [ ] brackets.

    Greens want fewer cows, not more [probably true]
    Russel Norman is horrified [emotionalhook] by the wishes of of the Chairman of the South Port in Bluff who wants to double dairy numbers in Southland.

    The thought of a doubling of exports is appalling to the Greens [completely false]. You see their official policy is not only to oppose any increase in dairy numbers, but they actually want to reduce the national dairy herd by 20%.[This might be the case, I don’t know]

    They don’t specify if they wish to simply shoot one in five cows [Farrar has pushed this ‘Greens want to shoot New Zealand’s dairy herd meme for a long time now. It resonates with any of his readers stupid enough to swallow such a line], or give them toasters for not breeding so much [the ‘toasters’ line is an example of the ‘mischief’ you describe, but the ‘shoot the herds’ something else altogether. I’m not sure you’ll be able to see that Fred, but perhaps if you could imagine a Left Wing blog constantly using the line ‘National wants to shoot beneficiaries’ over and over until it’s readers accepted it as fact, you’d know what I’m saying.]
    This particular post by Farrar is a very mild one compared with others he has done, but it might suffice to illustrate what I’m talking about.

  8. homepaddock says:

    Robert – David is open about his political bias.

    In spite of that he gives credit and criticism where it’s due across the political spectrum. He has criticised National MPs and policy and praised that of other parties.

    His posts are almost always reasoned and well researched. His readership reflects that and is, I think, more than most daily papers in NZ.

    I read the exageration in the post you have above as at least partly tongue in cheek.

  9. robertguyton says:

    “David is open about his political bias.”


    From the Farrar article I pasted –
    “black paul (77) Says:

    October 2nd, 2010 at 10:39 pm
    What a crock David.

    Putting water and nutrients through a cow is about the least efficient way to make food.

    NZ needs to get over this stupid experiment and free up our productive land for more long-term profitable and efficient use before the dirty dairy ruins it all.

    Oh and you’re the only person who talks about shooting cows David. If you really can’t think of a way to reduce the herd without shooting cows then it just shows how much you know about farming. Grow up.”

    Grow up.

    Love it.

  10. Fredinthegrass says:

    A question for you Rg, before I proceed further with this debate.
    Do you know DPF personally, and if so, how well?

  11. robertguyton says:

    I’ve not met him kanohi ki te kanohi but have had some email contact. Aside from that, we have exchanged ideas on his blog.
    He banned me after following what I considered a humorous series of ‘spoofy’ comments from me.
    I don’t resent that at all, but his actions screamed ‘hypocrisy’ to me.

  12. Fredinthegrass says:

    Thank you Rg.
    He obviously didn’t agree over the nature of your comments, and I guess it is blog after all.

    I know DPF well, so I opt to withdraw from this particular exchange.
    I look forward to further ‘debate’.
    How about “Keep the Mackenzie Brown” or would you prefer “green”?

    Thank you, Hp, for your indulgence.

  13. robertguyton says:

    Hmmmm… okay Fred and truth to tell, I provoked him sorely (and he did give me a ‘second chance’.)

  14. robertguyton says:

    Fred – one more thing 🙂
    I appreciate that you don’t want to debate this topic any further so I won’t expect a reply (though a ‘noted’ would tell me that you’ve at least read my comment).
    Regarding Farrar’s repetitave use of the meme ‘Greens want to shoot dairy cows’.
    It might seem harmless enough to you, but for a Green supporter like me, living in a rural community where dairying is rapidly expanding, what it means in reality is that Farrar’s untrue statement has become a weapon in the hands of people who wouldn’t otherwise have stooped so low as to suggest that people like me want to shoot their herds. He has not merely said it once in an off-hand, I’m only taking the piss, kind of way, he has, I believe repeated it purposefully and regularly in order to embed a tool with which the Greens can be attacked. I imagine that as the election nears, ‘somebody'(Bill English is a classic at using this ‘hit-and-run’ ploy – firing a quick shot into the audience (Helen’s speeding, cannabis claims etc.) then moving quickly on before he can be challenged, or laughing it off – I know because I campaigned beside him at public meetings during the previous election) and this ‘Greens want to shoot your animals’ meme, established by Farrar, is just one of those. Hard cheese, you might say, this is politics, but it’s more than that, it’s curdling relations between real people. It’s not mischief, is darker than that.
    This example is only one of the reasons that I hold the opinion I do about the Kiwiblog author but it’s enough for me to see what his real ‘agenda’ is.
    Cheers Fred.

  15. homepaddock says:

    Robert – sounds very like the tactics employed by people who use the term “dirty dairying” to me.

  16. robertguyton says:

    Exactly Ele – rotten to the core, those Fish and Gamers!
    But there is a difference.
    F&G aren’t telling townies that farmers want to shoot their pets.
    Farrar is telling farmers that Greens/greenies/environmentalists/treehuggers
    What do you think about that?

  17. homepaddock says:

    Hyperbole n – exaggerated statement not meant to be taken literally.

  18. robertguyton says:

    I think you are willfully missing the point Ele.
    I will trawl back through Farrar’s posts, find the first of them where he introduces his lie, then ask you if you think it was ‘not meant to be taken literally’, okay?

  19. homepaddock says:

    It’s your time, Robert, do what you will with it.

    I know David (though not well)and I recognise exaggeration when he uses it.

  20. robertguyton says:

    “Dirty Dairying”
    Hyperbole? Exaggeration?
    Must be.

  21. homepaddock says:

    As a blanket description yes just as Greens want to shoot all cows is.

  22. robertguyton says:

    Do you see the use of the term ‘dirty dairying’ by Fish and Game as an attempt to unfairly prejudice the public’s view of dairying? Do you think of it as ‘just a bit of exaggeration’ or something worse?
    If Fish and Game’s publicity officer put out comments into the media saying, “Dairy farmers want to shoot the pets of townies’, you’d merely regard it as ‘exaggeration’?

  23. homepaddock says:


    Something worse.

    Yes because it is so obviously over the top.

  24. robertguyton says:

    Ele! I’m stunned!
    You regard the statement/phrase ‘dirty dairying’ as worse than ‘this political party and it’s supporters want to shoot your cows’!!!

    A sustained attempt by F&G to frighten townies and have them regard farmers as ‘mad’ by telling them that farmers want to ‘shoot your pets’ would not concern you?

  25. robertguyton says:

    And what would you think, I wonder, of someone who did start up such a campaign?
    As Farrar has done.
    To get people to believe that the Greens want to shoot the nations dairy cows.
    What would you think?

  26. homepaddock says:

    Dirty dairying labels all dairy farmers with a description which only a few deserve.

    The campaign you suggest would do far more damage to the campaigners than the campaigned against.

    This has strayed a long way from the post.

  27. robertguyton says:

    ‘Greens want to shoot your cows’ labels all Greens with a description which no Green that I know of, deserves.
    The campaign that Farrar is running does lots of damage to the Greens and you excuse it as nothing more than ‘exaggeration’.

  28. Fredinthegrass says:

    Rg, as requested – Noted. And appreciated
    Sorry for brevity. I have just read your post of 11.30 today.
    Have been on the road all day and am a little short on the verbal ‘wit’!

  29. Fredinthegrass says:

    P.S. be very scared of the rapid move into dairying. It is happening too fast to be sustainable in the longer term – both economically and environmentally.
    But the Green movement is not helping with its current approach.
    The best place to have your enemy/adversary/ etc is close by. Direct opposition polarises people and often leads to the loss of potential allies.
    Your debate with Hp above does you little credit in the realm of reason – I am beginning to see why DPF got the pip!!

  30. robertguyton says:

    Fred – re the rapidity of the move to dairying – noted.
    Re the Green Party’s ‘current approach’ – I don’t think you are up to speed here and aren’t aware of the ‘good farming stories’ initiatives the party undertook over the past year, visiting hundreds of farms around the country and publishing positive reports from the Green MP’s.
    As to the debate that gives me ‘little credit in the realm of reason’- it must be that I lack the wit for it because I don’t know at all what you mean. My reasoning seems to me to be quite sound. I’d welcome any criticism from you.
    In saying that I recognise that I will have irritated Ele considerably in the pursuit of the truth.

  31. scrubone says:

    What DPF has actually said:
    A while ago I joked that if NZ was to get serious about carbon neutrality, we should simply start shooting all the cows,

    To my surprise, my joke has become near official policy of the Greens, and of No Right Turn.

    So it was a joke, but it is in fact the policy of the Green party to restrict dairy herds.

    It is as HP pointed out hyperbole. But the way the go on about it constantly doesn’t help their case.

    However, I could name any number of left wing bloggers who use far more inflammatory talk to push their own views. How about “National’s solution to any problem is to setup up a dictatorship” – that seem funny to you? No?

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