Never trust the weather

Just as I was gearing up for a rant about the stupidity of introducing daylight saving in the middle of winter the weather has let me down.

Last year and the year before and the year before that, as is usual for this time of year the weather was cold and wintery.

Last week it was wintery.

But since the clocks went forward on Sunday we’ve had nor westers and the temperatures got to the late teens on Monday and yesterday.

I’m not complaining, after a very wet winter, heat and drying wind is just what we need. But  two warm days, do not a spring make. The weather is almost always variable at this time of year and the forecast for later in the week is for cloud and rain.

However, whatever the weather, it doesn’t change the fact that this close to the spring equinox we have only a little more than 12 hours between sunrise and sunset.

That means moving sunset from 6ish to 7ish in the evening has moved sunrise from 6ish to 7ish in the morning although that doesn’t worry everyone.

My campaign to delay the date on which the clocks go forward isn’t getting much traction. Only 13 people have joined my delay daylight saving group on Facebook.

The Panel discussed the issue on Afternoons on Monday  (part 2 towards the end) and there was no enthusiasm for change from them.

Peter Dunne justified us having six months of daylight saving by comparing us with other countries.

That is irrelevant – they’re at different latitudes and longitudes, they’re nearer the equator than we are and most have continental climates (which if memories of school geography serve me right means they heat up faster so will get warmer sooner in spring).

Still, why would a politician let the facts get in the way of a pet policy?

Sigh, yawn, mutter grumble.

4 Responses to Never trust the weather

  1. robertguyton says:

    Don’t mess with Dunne!
    He’s nasty when cornered, like a coiffured rat!


  2. gravedodger says:

    I share the aims of your FB group but I think my opposition has lost some of its passion and for that I beg forgiveness.
    Last Sunday Akaroa held a small festival on the recreation ground to kickstart the tourist season and until a squally wind hit mid afternoon, it was about as good a start to the nonsense where people need government direction to move their carcass out of bed, erroneously called daylight saving when in fact there is not one millisecond of daylight saved, for some years.
    I was continually amazed at the failing memories that had forgotten the dismal start to the equinoxial con that had been the dominant feature in recent years.
    I am afraid for every one of us who resent the cold starts to the early days at the beginning and end of the “summertime con” there are more who say they enjoy it and the don’t cares are just that, they don’t care.
    Personally if the population needs it then a start the Sunday before Labour WE and an end on the Sunday after Easter would be plenty.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Around Labour weekend – maybe even on it so there’s a day off work (for most) on the Monday would suit me,.

    Not so sure about Easter though because it caries – sometiems it’s mid April which is even later than the clocks go back now.


  4. gravedodger says:

    I guess my suggestion re Easter is a little coloured by my living in what is now a pure tourist town and the tendency to better Autumn weather often a given. Also a bit of a mental challenge to cope with the variable dates.
    Labour Weekend, good idea and reasoning


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