Making a blue

When you learn a foreign language it pays to learn and take great care in using false friends. They’re the words which are the same or similar as words in your own language but have very different meanings.

In Spanish for example, embarazada looks and sounds a bit like embarrassed but it means pregnant.

Apropos of embarrassed, that’s how French MP Rachida Dati must have felt after making this blue:

Asked about overseas investment funds profiteering during a period of economic uncertainty, she said:  ‘I see some of them looking for returns of 20 or 25 per cent, at a time when fellatio is almost non-existent.’

In French, fellatio – a sex act performed on a man – is ‘fellation’, which sounds a bit like inflation, which is the same word in French and English. 

Hat Tip: Visible Hand who reckons this is why an education is economics is important.

I’m not disputing the importance of economics, but I think the problem in this instance was language.

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