Progressives won’t factor in next parliament

The report on the latest political poll says, as most do assumes that the Progressive Party will hold a seat in the next parliament.

Unless Jim Anderton loses his bid to be mayor of Christchurch and then reneges on his promise to resign from parliament at the end of this parliamentary term, there won’t be a Progressive Party after the next election.

It hasn’t been a real party for years, it’s just a one man vanity vehicle and when he goes it will go too.

2 Responses to Progressives won’t factor in next parliament

  1. gravedodger says:

    This whole charade needs addressing as the Troughmaster General has been able to access the 100k party leaders budget as the leader of his one man band where for the first time in his political life he has had unquestioned loyalty from 100% of his “team”. Who said their is no I in team.
    And of course as he is now rejoined at the hip with the ever financially challenged Labour mob they enjoy two leaders budgets for promoting their political cause although it would be of interest to many just how much of his leaders budget has been used in his bid to lead a path of destruction in the Christchurch City Council as if the earthquake wasn’t bad enough.
    This man has no shame in accessing the public purse in polishing his ever more tarnished profile but his political supporters seem to be totally blind to that fact. Living proof that the ends justify the means.


  2. Deborah says:

    I agree. It’s just the Jim Anderton party, and when he goes, it will disappear.


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