Customers’ bargain farmers’ bad news

Whole rump, aged for tenderness, the blurb on the vacuum pack said.

It was selling for just $62.49 or just $10.99 a kilo. That was cheaper than the mince beside it in the chiller.

I hope the supermarket was selling the meat as a loss leader, accepting a far lower price than it paid for it to encourage shoppers to buy more.

If not that bargain for customers is very bad news for farmers.

One Response to Customers’ bargain farmers’ bad news

  1. gravedodger says:

    As shoppers we often take time at the meat chillers of supermarkets and it is surprising how often classes of meat can be bought at very good prices, Winter corned silverside, whole rumps, topside roasts and sometimes bulk mince. I have always thought it is more to do with the various cuts getting out of supply balance and being specialed to restore that balance, rather than loss leader marketing.
    Also we sometimes score well at lesser supermarkets by watching for packs approaching shelf life end and being discounted to clear, that saves the need to age it in our fridge. Much rarer but occasionally aged chedder can also be a win but the time spent is most likely a poor reward if our time was more valued, I find it a good entertainment activity and with the subsidised bus travel a rather different way of life but don’t tell the odious little dwarf.


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