Southland deserves to keep the shield – Updated

If ever a province deserved to win the Ranfurly Shield it was Southland.

The excitement when the Stags beat Canterbury last year infected Invercargill and the hinterland and the people have stayed behind the team.

It’s been a really tough week in the south, holding on to the shield would mean much more to Southlanders than winning it would to Aucklanders.

If it came to community support the challengers wouldn’t have a chance and the defenders know that. They’ll be playing their hearts out.

UPDATE: 9-6 to Southland. Phew!

2 Responses to Southland deserves to keep the shield – Updated

  1. gravedodger says:

    The real shield deal where passion and pride are ahead of theory and dreams, The Southland Stags are worthy holders and the ITM Cup table topping is just a Bonus.
    Another show pony goes home to think about what defending the log really means.
    If I am correct the man in charge Leicester Rutledge is an old boy of the Waipara Primary school in North Canterbury, where the Dodgems went to eat their lunch some 40 years ago.
    I just cant help dropping names, “pride before a Fall”, possibly.


  2. cracker666 says:

    Just managed to put my heart back inside my chest. Phew….


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