The name of the motel is . . .

When we fly out of Christchurch early or in late we usually stay in the city to avoid the long drive in the middle of the night.

My flight Townsville to last Thursday took off at 6am which meant checking in by 4.30 but because of the earthquake I only went as far as Ashburton the night before.

The return flight was scheduled to land at 11.50pm on Sunday but I waited to see how much shaking was going on before booking a room. By Saturday I decided it was safe enough, booked a motel through Wotif then phoned to find out how I  got in after-hours.

I hadn’t printed the booking form but knew the road the motel was in and thought I remembered the name.

However, when I got to the door I couldn’t find a key where I was told it would be.

I rang the bell, a man answered, I explained my predicament and he came to the door in his dressing gown. He checked the bookings and my name wasn’t among them.

Oh dear, right road wrong motel.

I went back yesterday morning with some chocolates and an apology.

2 Responses to The name of the motel is . . .

  1. Motella says:

    Don’t feel too bad, as this happens all the time. Folk that book via the web seem to be particularly vulnerable.

    At our motels we spend a lot of time trying to figure out where many hapless guests have booked themselves into – Good on you for going back and showing your appreciation!

  2. Fredinthegrass says:

    It is a good idea to write the name of the motel down, Hp.
    Some years ago we booked into a place in Dublin, dropped our bags and went out to dinner.
    Yes, you guessed it!!
    It took us ninety minutes to locate the place. It was dark and we really had no idea where the place was. Scary time.

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