Is there anything in your past?

Is there anything in your past that we wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the paper?

This is one of the questions every political party should ask prospective candidates.

If the answer is yes, it doesn’t necessarily rule them out, but it should then lead to the next question: should the public know about this?

The answer in David Garret’s case should have been “yes”.

An MP who has such strong views on law and order either has to have a blameless past, or have been open about it and show he’s changed.

Regardless of whether or not he was wrongly convicted, he should have been up front about it.

We can’t expect all our politicians to have blameless pasts and we don’t need to know about every little blot on their copy books.

But it was stupid not to make this public before Garret got in to parliament and became Act’s law and order spokesman.

The incident itself doesn’t look very serious but not being open about it reflects poorly on him and his party.

14 Responses to Is there anything in your past?

  1. Andrei says:

    Funny how people get all sniffy about a bit of biffo but tolerate adulterers – a behavior which demonstrates the individual concerned is quite happy to betray his or her own family – yet we trust them with the whole country

  2. homepaddock says:

    I suspect it’s because that’s regarded as private between the parties. But you make a very good point, if people abuse the trust of those whey supposedly love you do wonder how they can be tursted in other areas.

  3. Deborah says:

    Yes… ‘though if it turns out that he has some other convictions he ought to be toast.

    Regarding adulterers… Don Brash, anyone? However, the issue there is not the adultery per se, but whether or not he also held himself out as supporting “traditional” values, and played on the idea that he was a gentleman. In any case, the gold standard with respect to sexual and relationship matters is consenting adults, and as long as that criterion is met, then it’s an entirely private matter.

  4. robertguyton says:

    How many more ‘bad looks’ can the Act Party sustain?
    The lamington, the arrogant perkiness, the attempts to destRoy their only woman, garroting themselves with hidden pasts… they are a joke waiting to be told.

  5. Tired Farmer says:

    Having been the “victim of mileading charge”‘ by people in “higher positions” and the cost and effort in defending these accusations I tend to look at the whole scenario in Local and Central Government plus Law and Order with some sceptinism and feel that David Bassett may well be a kindred spirit.

  6. Tired Farmer says:

    OOps sorry it should be David Garett that I feel may be kindred spirit.See previous post.

  7. Tired Farmer says:

    It’s a fact of life that for various reasons tiredness catches up with all of us especially if we are lucky enough to live to a great age.

    Thank you Robert for the work you are doing grafting the cuttings from our Old Time Orchard

  8. robertguyton says:

    Thanks TF.
    Have we been to your orchard?
    I’ve not met anyone yet who was tired 🙂
    We’ve certainly been lucky with the orchards we’ve been to and the people we’ve met. The apples we’ve found are no less than treasures.
    I’m giving a grafting workshop tomorrow and CUE TV are filming – perhaps, if you are in Southland, you’ll see it one evening soon.

  9. Tired Farmer says:

    Good stuff Robert—hopefully I wont be too tired to watch it when it is shown on CUE.

    Will you be able to teach various Pollies and Bureucrats anything about grafting?

  10. Ha!
    Graft eh!
    I think many of them know about that already!

  11. Neil says:

    Tired Farmer – I enjoyed your comment about Garrett being a “kindred” spirit.
    I just about spilt my coffee when rteading that comment. Never so true a comment.

  12. Neil says:

    It’s interesting to reading the writing efforts of Robert Guyton and Tired Farmer(part of an interminable writing duo to local papers)
    A political grouping left of Pol Pot to right of Genghis Khan.
    There must be a “fool” moon at the moment or is local election time when the howling dogs come out.

  13. Tired Farmer says:

    Neil–you have left your run too late to learn the art of debating in public.

    Do you think there will be any “coyotes” in the next Gore District Council?

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