Critical mass on cleaning and cooking

Ha-Joon Chang’s theory that the washing machine did more for productivity than the internet (see two posts back) was the starting point for my chat with Jim Mora on Critical Mass  this afternoon.

While on matters domestic we moved from cleaning to cooking and had a look at Something Else to Eat the blog of writer, feminist and keen cook Anne Else.

Her love of words and food is obvious in her posts which are a delight to read and, thanks to the photographs, look at.

I was part way through her post on making pancakes when I realised she’s married to Harvey McQueen and I’d read the post he wrote on eating the pancakes.

The contrast between her description of following his directions And his matter of fact account of the same incident amused me.

She said:

 First I asked where the recipe was. “I just use the Edmond’s one”, he said. So I got it out and showed it to him, because I’ve learnt from long experience that he doesn’t often follow a recipe exactly. . . 

He said:

Anne made pancakes for our brunch this morning. One of life’s pleasures, a simple dish yet tasty.

Deborah at In A Strange Land suggested I look at food blogs, not professional ones but home cooking enthusiasts (thank you).

In doing some very quick research this morning I came across some other gems but ran out of time to discuss them. They’ll keep for another time.

Other suggestions for themes, blogs or websites which might be suitable for future Critical Mass spots are welcomed.

4 Responses to Critical mass on cleaning and cooking

  1. Richard says:

    I have come across this “She Said”,”He Said” with two lovely She Saids. She Said needs scales, measuring devices, timer etc. All He Said needs are a good eye for weight and volume, steady hand, good nose, and the ability to memorise a recipe after one reading. The end results are very similar.

  2. Deborah says:

    That’s a lovely vignette on he said / she said cooking. I’m glad the cooking blogs suggestion was helpful.

  3. AnneE says:

    Ele, thank you so much for that wonderful piece about my blog on NatRad today! I’m delighted you enjoy it and especially pleased that you like both the writing and the pix. Harvey was chuffed too!

  4. homepaddock says:

    Richard – with a fammiliar recipe I could be like he, but with a new one I’d be more like she.

    Deborah – very helpful, thanks, and led me to some wonderful new corners of the blogosphere.

    Anne – your blogs are on my must-read list, I’m just sorry we ran out of time so couldn’t do justice to them on the radio.

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