After the initial shock

Yesterday’s earthquake in Canterbury struck about the time farm workers were getting  herds in for milking.

An email from Fonterra says there have been no reports of injuries on farms and all the company’s staff are safe.

There was minimal damage to the Plains manufacturing site but no impact on production and some racking damage at the NZ Brands Halswell Junction Distribution centre.

Fonterra was able to pick up milk from farms although some herds couldn’t be milked because of no power and there were reports that some rotary sheds were badly damaged.

The company had four tankers loaded with water at Clandeboye ready to go to community if needed.

While farms need power for milking in many other ways it may be easier to cope without important basic services  in the country than towns.

Water from troughs or streams can be boiled for drinking and if plumbing fails it would be easier to dig a long drop on a farm than in a city section.

One common reaction from both town and country is that it could have been much worse and it’s fortunate there were few serious injuries to people.

Things are only things and not as important as people, but as the shock and relief wears off, the impact of loss and damage to  property will sink in.

2 Responses to After the initial shock

  1. gravedodger says:

    I now have a greater appreciation of the stress that has people from less developed housing and commercial building areas in other parts of the world who sometimes are dealing with significantly more devastating quakes than our 7.1, when they leave town and village for open areas after significant quake events.
    We are still experiencing recurrent after-shocks and mostly we do not comment on them but they leave one with a sense of loss of control and often we are just left with a lurching feeling in the stomach coupled with a latent fear and confirmation of yet another rumble by way of a glance to one-another.
    The After-Shock at around 0500 this morning was a significant Earthquake in its own right as was the last bigger one about 3/4 of an hour ago. It came in at around 4.8 and I would estimate the 5 am one at over 5.
    We are both somewhat on edge and exhausted and it is not a great feeling but find some solace when we consider just how fortunate the outcome has been when we think how it would have been at say 0900 hrs on a week-day.
    Just a question Ele what is the power requirement for a modern milking parlour as a backup, I assume my 2Kva Honda sinewave wouldn’t cut (there goes another one, rattled things a bit) the mustard.

  2. homepaddock says:

    GD – glad to learn that though you’ve been shaken and stirred you’re unhurt.

    Sorry I don’t know the power requirement for milking – will do some investigating.

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