Stop yawning and pay attention

I turned 18 in the year of a general election and was very excited about being able to vote.

The excitement didn’t spill over into local body politics and I’m not sure if I voted in the council elections a couple of years later or the one three years after that.

I’ve taken my democratic responsibility more seriously since then. But while local body policies and actions  have at least as much impact as central government ones I find it difficult to summon much excitement about the forthcoming elections. has a website designed to increase interest and participation.

I typed my address as instructed and found the names of the candidates for whom I can vote for the Otago Regional Council, Otago District Health Board,  and Waitaki District Council.  But so far the only two  candidates – one for the health board, the other a mayoral aspirant – have availed themselves of this opportunity to communicate with voters.

The ODT is profiling mayoral candidates and holding meet-the-candidates meetings round the province. The one for this area was yesterday but  I missed it and if there are any defining issues I’ve missed them too.

But I’ve resolved to stop yawning and pay attention from now in case Credo Quia Absurdum Est is right that there’s always one  – I wouldn’t want to vote for one like that by mistake, and not just because I don’t like oysters.

3 Responses to Stop yawning and pay attention

  1. Craig Watson says:

    Hi Ele,
    I am one of only two to get around to putting on a full profile on, and for a while the only one.
    Check it out!


  2. pdm says:

    Voting at 18 – you are a youngster. I had to wait until I was 21.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Craig – I checked and was impressed – but I’m not eligible to vote for you.

    PDM – Had I been a few months older I’d have been able to vote in the local body elections the year before – I think that was the first election in which 18 year olds could vote.


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