Memories of the 80s

Rural people remember the mid to late 80s for the difficulties of the ag-sag.

The removal of subsidies -which I now agree was a good move – coincided with high interest rates (we were paying around 25% for seasonal finance at one stage), raging inflation and a very high dollar.

In North Otago and much of the rest of the east coast we also had to contend with recurring droughts.

Until the share-crash of 1987 the country endured the pain while the cities partied.

The freer economy which made it so difficult in the country as farming was dragged into the real world, provided plenty of opportunities for money making in cities.

This video clip from a Close-Up programme shows a little of how it was done and features a longer-haired and greatly bespectacled John Key.

Hat Tip: Kiwiblog

One Response to Memories of the 80s

  1. gravedodger says:

    Sadly the dopey socialists would still try to denigrate the real world developement of Nats such as John Key while trumpeting the abilities of those such as Jacinda Adern, Helen Clark, Margaret Wilson, Steve Mahary et el who have spent their entire adult life in a world of academia and political environment with absolutely no connection as to how the real world operates to establish wealth and develop self esteem and personal responsibility. They to a man end up believing that theory and massive political control can deliver a vibrant economy that can pay for the limited socialism that is needed to look after the unfortunates who genuinely require state support combined with charity to survive.


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