Word of the day

Hodger – a guest who eats and drinks all his/her host’s food and drink.

5 Responses to Word of the day

  1. Richard says:

    My word of the day is “stigmata”. It was used in an obit for a very successful British diplomat, “He bore the stigmata of Edinburgh, where he was born” Goodness knows what Scots’ think about this reference- coming from the word stigma- to their capital city. I am sure it can be used in describing Anderton, Hide, Peters, Dunn. Note to self- Peters: stigmata of/to/from– Maori–

  2. homepaddock says:

    My tartan genes ought to be affronted by the link with Edinburgh but I do like your local references.

  3. adam2314 says:


    A mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one’s reputation.

    You may well be right Richard..

    Tell that to the blue rinse brigade that is going to ensure that Winstone rises from the grave.

    Oh !!.. There is that word again..



    Ensure that St.Winstone rises from the grave..

    Which is VERY POSSIBLE..

    Read and weep..

  4. adam2314 says:

    Having a long time interest in etymology HP.

    I am interested in your source for todays word..

    Should it not be HOG- DOH !!!..

    One that is asked to never return for a meal :-))

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