Just wondering . . .

Shouldn’t the UK be the UQ at the moment?

2 Responses to Just wondering . . .

  1. Andrei says:

    What does it matter? – it’s a nation wallowing in shame and degradation.

    I guess the Brits have never really got over the fact they lost World War 2 and are now subjects of the Franco German Empire.

  2. adam2314 says:

    Wallowing in shame and degridation today they maybe Andrei..

    The Americans did not come into WW11 for two years..

    England ( and its Empire ) September 1939..

    America.. December 1941..

    We held on.. By the skin of our teeth.. ( there was not much to use teeth on ).

    I know.. I was there..

    How old are you ??

    We won..

    America was the only country to make money out of WW11..

    Today it survives on military exports..

    England has paid back every cent borrowed for WW11..

    Will America pay back all of it’s borrowings today ??

    Has your country ??? ( where ever it is ) ??..

    Grow up !!.. Learn..

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