He said I had, I knew I hadn’t

When checking out of a hotel in Christchurch last week the bloke behind the desk was itemising our account and mentioned an internet connection.

I said, no. I used a T-stick with mobile broadband and hadn’t connected to the internet through the hotel.

He gave the date and time. I was probably in the room and may have been on the internet but if I had it definitely wouldn’t have been via the hotel connection, even by accident.

I’d have had to plug my computer in and log-on and I’d done neither. Why would I at the exorbitant $20 an hour when I’m on a monthly plan with a flat payment?

He looked at me, I looked back, he shrugged and accepted my word – or at least accepted that he wasn’t going to get me to agree I’d used it.

I wonder how reliable the hotel system is if it logs a connection to the wrong room; how often it happens?

I also wonder how many times the hotel system logs a connection which a customer denies using even if s/he did?

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