Sir Ron Trotter was farmers’ friend

August 11, 2010

A text informed me the farmers’ friend had died.

It was referring to Sir Ron Trotter who  was a graduate of what was then Lincoln College (now University).

He was managing director and chair of Wright Stephenson and instrumental in its merger with National Mortgage about which the NBR tells a wonderful story.

Wrightson NMA was one of the most successful stock and station agencies in the country at a time when local managers were trusted to back people in whom they had confidence.

The NBR also says Sir Ron was a champion of the economic reforms of the 80s.

 Most farmers were unhappy with them at the time but few would want to turn back the clock now and many see the sense in ideas put forward by the Business Round Table which he helped to found.

New Zealand has lost a successful businessman who was generous with his time and skills in many public roles.

Sticks and Stones

August 11, 2010

Happy birthday Mike Hugg, 68 today.

Hmmm – maybe this should have stayed in the not-all-old-music-was-good-music- file.

Word of the day

August 11, 2010

Ebberman – one who fishes under bridges.

Is there something special about people who fish under bridges or are there words for fishers who choose other places too?

Driving Home From Elizabethtown

August 11, 2010

Driving Home from Elizabethtown by Bert Stern is this Tuesday’s Poem.

Among the links to other contributions by Tuesday poets in the sidebar is Russell Sprouts by Ashleigh Young.

Ewe chew

August 11, 2010

The lamb paddock needed chewing down and we had a mob of old ewes on hand to do the chewing.

That would have been fine if they’d stopped there.

But no-one had checked the gate between the paddock and the garden and the ewes discovered it was open  . . .


August 11, 2010

12/15 in the Dominon Post political trivia quiz.

Update: Kiwiblog spotted an error in the question on pay for parliamentary sick leave:

It read: “How much do MPs on indefinite leave, lose from their salary every week?” and the options were $50, $500, $110 and $75.

 The question had been changed by the time I did the quiz, it now reads: “How much do MPs on indefinite leave from Parliament lose from their salary on each sitting day?” The options for answers are $50, $500, $10, $75.

We like the 90 day trial

August 11, 2010

Ever since John Key announced that the 90-day trial period for new employers would be extended to cover all businesses unions have been telling us that’s unfair.

They aren’t reflecting the views of most people:

ONE News asked voters whether they thought the 90-day trial law should be extended to cover all companies every time someone starts a new job. Sixty percent said yes, while just 36% said no. The remainder said they didn’t know, or were unsure.

What the unions fail to understand is that a trial period isn’t just for employers’ sakes.

It helps people get a job and it also helps existing workers.

Having new workers who don’t pull their weight or simply don’t fit in can be really hard on existing staff.

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