Honesty doesn’t make the headlines

When we’re bombarded with news which shows the baser bits of human behaviour it’s easy to forget that these sort of things are news because they’re not the norm.

Acts of generosity, kindness and honesty don’t hit the headlines because in spite of fears concerns about modern morality they aren’t news, they do still happen every day.

That said, if I lost my wallet, I wouldn’t be over confident of getting it back with its contents intact, if at all.

But Invercargill MP Eric Roy lost his wallet at the rugby last week and thanks to the honesty of some Southlanders, it was handed in to the police with everything untouched.

If you know who the anonymous good Samaritans are, please phone his office (number in the link above) because he’d like to thank them.

Hat Tip: Roar Prawn

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