Don’t panic

When I heard John Key not absolutely rule out going in to coalition with Winston Peters (3:20) I wasn’t happy.

I’m not the only one. Brunette had her knickers twisted too.

But when the panic subsided I began thinking and I worked out the strategy – don’t give him any oxygen.

If John had ruled out any dealing with Peters, the media would have gone to him for comment and even if they didn’t  he’d have used it as a grandstand.

Instead, he’s got one less excuse for a rant.

He’s not saying he will, he’s just ignoring him which is the best thing to do with him.

 So relax.

Deep breaths.

Stay calm.


10 Responses to Don’t panic

  1. Of course Key would have him and Winston would have Key.
    There is no-one Key wouldn’t have aboard if it meant staying in power.
    Don’t kid yourself.


  2. Gravedodger says:

    That is rubbish RG, Mr key specifically ruled out ANY coalition with WRP in the run up to the last election in the face of a mathematical possibility such a move could have led directly to a NZF, Labour, uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all coalition. Now that would have been a sight to see but certainly would have driven us, as a nation, deeper into the effluent that is MMP.
    Thankfully the electorate saw sense,but unfortunately no one had the good sense to euthanise the badly injured body, it was allowed to recover and now we have the threat of possibly the most venal politician in our history creating mayhem once again.
    As HP pointed out the next election is still ahead and all that apparently unemployed fraudster needs is publicity and the incompetent media seem to need some easy rubbish to make copy so they try to make it up. The good news is that a number of his potential following are dieing off but I have a deep concern that National flakes will give him electoral support as a protest and that will be a tragedy for us all.


  3. Key will clasp him to his breast if he has to.


  4. pmofnz says:

    Do not fret, it is only Winston.

    After all, we have had heaps of practice in how he operates. Should be a doddle for the smiling assassin to deal with the likes of WRP. Both are well suited to each other. Unfortunately both will be journeying on their respective paths of treachery and lying to the electorate once at the reigns.


  5. pmofnz says:

    Oops… reins


  6. Gravedodger says:

    It might be only Winston to you pmofnz but I cant afford another round of his antics.
    Forget the still unaccounted for $158 000, the money he syphoned off to the racing industry is as rewarding as any other welfare, it does not work for the recipients, it only gives them a bigger appetite for more. If racing and trotting are buggered under the present economic environment then taxpayer funds will only postpone their demise.
    It won WRP some votes in the areas affected but the industry has to address its own problems or die. Welfare aint the solution.
    The only ones who need a recovered WRP are the simple who need to have their xenophobic or whatever fears massaged, the bone idle MSM and the man himself.


  7. Inventory2 says:

    Has anyone thought that perhaps Key might say yes to NZ First, but no to Winston? After all, one man does not a party make, unless your name’s Jim 😉


  8. JC says:

    “Has anyone thought that perhaps Key might say yes to NZ First, but no to Winston?”

    The point is Key cannot yet know which NZ 1st will campaign.. a racist bunch of old farts, a sizable group of Maori with little interest in the other parties, a conservative party, a xenophobic party or some combo of all these.

    The other thing is Chris Carter gave traction to NZ 1st by saying one of the reasons Goff had to go was because he wouldn’t or couldn’t deal with Peters.. and Key was immediately asked if he was ruling out Peters at this stage.. this is all very loaded stuff and tactically not the time to be hard and fast. The same question should be directed to Labour.



  9. pdm says:

    Craig Foss loses my electorate vote if there is any suggestion whatsoever that National will do a deal with Peters and his lot.


  10. Thn pdm, he’s lost your vote, because there is.


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